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Let's Tell Your Story


Hello. I'm Jordan O'Dell


Like many who are drawn to cameras, I’m continuously curious to capture life through my lens. By using my camera to engage with a scene, I feel that I’m transported from the mundane to the utter fascinating.


My path has not been a traditional one. In 2021, I managed a fencing gym, while I was still figuring out my path in life. To help market the gym, the owner gave me a camera and asked me to take pictures of the students. From that moment, whenever I wasn’t pushing paperwork, I was using that camera to capture everything around me. 


In 2023, I decided to take the leap and start my own video production company. Black Box Media. I believe there is, and always will be, an unmatched power to tell stories. And with my company my goal is to help as many people tell their unique stories to the world. I am constantly seeking to grow not only as a professional video producer, but as a storyteller.

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