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Business Branded Documentary

A branded documentary is a type of video content that marketers use to tell stories that share their brand’s mission and values. 


By sharing stories that align with the overarching ethos of a particular brand, marketers can work to establish a deeper level of trust and credibility with their audience. 


While serving a similar function as behind-the-scenes videos, these are often presented in a more polished format and aim to give existing employees the opportunity to highlight what’s special about working at their company.

Promotional Video Production

Promotional videos are a visual gateway to showcase a product, service, or process to potential customers. Employed as a strategic tool by businesses to help educate their audience about the benefits of their product or service.


This format allows a business to efficiently present a visual demonstration of how it works, outline real-world applications, and highlight their offerings' unique features. 


The value of promo videos lies in their ability to capture potential customers attention and help them visualize how a product or service can meet their own, unique needs. Building a library of these videos can give you easy access to crucial assets that allow you to close sales more efficiently.

How To Videos

How-to videos are instructional videos that demonstrate how to complete a specific task or solve a particular problem that is related to your industry. This content strategy is a more passive, indirect way to attract potential customers to your business.


The goal is to provide free, useful value that both educates the viewer and aligns your brand as an expert and/or thought leader in a subject matter.


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